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The Future of Healthcare is Here

The Genomics Revolution is ushering in a new era of science and medicine. It promises to be more impactful than the digital revolution, which changed our world profoundly. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is at the heart of this revolution. At-home WGS tests give consumers an unprecedented opportunity to better understand their genetic makeup, and empowers informed decision-making that can lead to better health and wellness outcomes. The implications for population health are even greater, enabling precision medicine, accelerating the rate of drug development, supporting targeted clinical trials, and lowering the overall cost of care.

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At Nebula Genomics, we’re ushering in new era of personal genomics by providing access to affordable Whole Genome Sequencing and creating technology to protect genomic data privacy. By leading the market in affordable personal genome sequencing, Nebula Genomics lets individuals harness the power of their own DNA while helping advance our understanding of human genetics overall.

Nebula Genomics was founded by award-winning genetics pioneer George Church and boasts a world-class team of renowned science, healthcare, and business innovators. With our industry leading IP, our proven ability to deliver high quality and cost-effective services to our customers, and a reputation as a leader in Whole Genome Sequencing, we are well positioned to lead the genomics revolution. We look forward to welcoming dedicated and likeminded professionals who are eager to join us in creating the future of health and wellness.

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George Church
Founder of Nebula Genomics

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We offer talented innovators a unique opportunity to create the future of health and wellness. As a scale-up, we prize out-of-the-box thinking, bold action, and a fast-paced collaborative culture. As a subsidiary of a growth-oriented publicly traded company, we provide access to the resources you’ll need to get your job done right.

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Customer Care Specialist
“I'm grateful to be working with an amazing team. I love knowing that the results we provide help empower our customers to be better informed and take control of their personal health."
Lab Technician
“As a Technician who has worked at many other labs, both clinical and research, I can say that Nebula has always taken the initiative to use the best instruments.  I feel this sets Nebula apart from competitors. Working with these instruments gives us the best and most precise results. It is also beneficial for our team as we continue to advance our knowledge about the technologies that support genomics.”
Dulce M
Lab Technician
“Using next-generation technology to help individuals gain in-depth knowledge of their genetics has been a very exciting experience. Not only have I gained a better understanding of the technologies, I am also grateful to be a part of the process to help ensure that individuals with genetic health risks receive the right treatment. I look forward to my career growth at Nebula.”
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A ProPhase Labs Company

ProPhase Labs, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRPH) is a fast-growing biotech, genomics and diagnostics company.  In addition to genomic sequencing, ProPhase offers traditional CLIA molecular laboratory services, operates a contract manufacturing subsidiary that produces OTC and consumer healthcare products, and offers the TK Supplements line of dietary supplements which are distributed to retail stores throughout the United States.

As a subsidiary of ProPhase Labs, Nebula leverages over 30 years of proven experience in health and wellness, accomplished leadership, responsible management, and the substantial resources of a publicly traded company with a broad distribution network, and strong financials.

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Clinical Laboratory Technologist - Genetics (Molecular)
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